Anne Bryson. B.A. Fine Art



Anne lives and works at Scales, near Wigton.

The Impressionist painters, with their use of light and colour, are a major influence in her work.

Flowers, children and animals feature frequently and are among her favorite subjects.

She sees humour in the body language of animals, joy and wonder in the actions of children and beauty in plants and flowers.  Other subjects suggesting a certain atmosphere often inspire her to take up her brush.

Anne appreciates the different qualities of medium; she paints in watercolor, acrylic, oils and on silk. She likes to experiment with mixing media believing that “playing”can produce interesting results as well as some mess.

She has been painting for several years. In 2001 as a mature student, she began a degree course at the then Cumbria Institute of the Arts. 

Her work has been shown in many exhibitions and many of her paintings can be found in collections both nationally and internationally.